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In a competitive, developing and multi-risk world, the field of risk management constitutes an integral and inseparable part of any organization, whose correct management gives the company a competitive edge, a business advantage and advanced positioning.
In recent years, the field of risk management has been recognized as a key factor in reducing failures, accidents and damages.

Hi-Risk Management (2002) Ltd. was founded in 2002 by Boaz Patt.
Graduate of the following courses: El Al, security department both in Israel and abroad. Bar Ilan University – Mediation course, Executive Education School Tel Aviv University – Risk Management course, Planning & Projects Management course, Finances Management for executive course. Orad Instruction – Fire Safety Officer course.

From its day of inception and to this day, the Company has positioned itself as one of the central pillars in the field of risk management and assessment in the different sectors.
The Company provides overall systematic solutions in the field of risk management and assessment.

The Company staff includes engineers, appraisers, economists, information systems experts, business consultants, etc.

The clientele of the Company includes some of the largest industrial plants in the economy, management and project enterprise companies, and leading private firms and banks in Israel.

The Company implements at the client’s a systematic approach for optimal reduction of risks, while placing emphasis on considerations before an incident of damage occurs and following it, rapid and effective restoration that corresponds with the nature of the company’s activity and to its satisfaction.

We offer our clients a one-stop solution for risk management and assessment.
From the stage of planning the risk management, submittal and holding negotiations with the approving factor of the insurance/transaction/contract, assistance with attaining the relevant certifications, assimilation of the procedures in the company, accompaniment and fluent consultancy, and administration of claims after the incident occurs, until the full circle is brought to closure, to the full satisfaction of the client.

I invite each and every one of you to refer to me regarding any question, advice or dilemma.

Yours respectfully,
Boaz Patt – CEO
Tel: +972-54-4268089

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