Claims management

We offer full management claims, in all stages of the process, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the policy, which includes holding negotiations with your cooperation, until the claim with all its different clauses is completed, to the full satisfaction of the client.

Our Company is obliged to ensure maximum compensation by exhausting all the clauses of the insurance coverage in the policy and comprehensive damage assessment to the company.

The risk assessment of our Company will give you full control on the claim and in receiving insurance payments.


Our activity as appraisers of companies includes the following issues:
» Examining the insurance policy of the insurant, with emphasis on the requirements of the insurance company, the sums of insurance, etc.
» Personal follow-up and accompaniment of investigators in inquiry into the circumstances of the case.
» Charting, surveying and assessing the damages, pursuant to the type and nature of the claim: building, contents, equipment, stock, loss of profit, third party liabilities, environmental damages.
» Formulating a specification of the damages and the monetary claim, pursuant to the clauses of the policy.
» Assessing the damage and holding negotiation meetings with the representatives of the insurance company.
» Conclusion of the claim and receiving compensation from the insurance company, to the satisfaction of the client.

The types of claims we handle:
» Natural perils – floods, flooding, fires, earthquakes, collapse of buildings, etc.
» Damage to property – break-ins, burglaries, fire damages, water damages, and damage to goods, etc.
» Loss of Profit damages – implications from other companies, period of indemnification, reconstruction of documents, calculation of the claim, etc.
» Assessment of technical damages – to industrial systems and facilities, agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, electricity systems, transformers, high voltage and low voltage, steam boilers, jet engines, AC systems, mechanical engineering equipment, etc.
» Third party damages and liabilitiesliability damages, product liability, environmental damages.

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